Following the Government’s Coronavirus latest advice Silverstone has taken the decision to postpone up coming Car Track dates.

We are currently out of the office if you have an enquiry please contact and we will respond to your email as soon as we can.

Drive your own car at Silverstone, the UK’s only Formula 1 circuit. Experience the longest track in the country, and one of the most demanding.

欧洲杯2020赛程The day will run from The Silverstone Wing, our state-of-the-art Pit and Paddock complex and garages (which can be booked at an additional charge). We will endeavour to run from The Wing where possible, however, on days when The Wing Paddock is not available, we will run from the National pits and paddock.

Car track days run as an open pit lane with the track live from 9.30am until 5pm with an hour lunch break, so you have plenty of drive time on the track.

Optional extras are available to purchase, including, valuable one-to-one in-car tuition from our top instructors.

Our track days run with a noise limit of 102dB drive by. Read our terms and conditions here.

Radicals and Sports Prototypes are not permitted on Silverstone car track days.

Track Days From



2020 Dates

Following the Government’s Coronavirus latest advice Silverstone has taken the decision to postpone up coming Car Track dates. If you have a booking in May or June then we’ll be in touch with you shortly. 

As you’ll appreciate, with the fluidity of the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re not able to provide a rescheduled date at the moment, but don’t worry, your booking payment will be held and transferred to a new date. We’ll be back in touch as soon as we’re able to return to circuit activity and arrange a new date for you. 

Wednesday 25 March – Postponed
Monday 18 May – Postponed
Thursday 11 June – Postponed
Wednesday 8 July*  Open Pit Lane Grand Prix £479
Thursday 6 August*  Open Pit Lane Grand Prix £479
Monday 14 September*  Open Pit Lane Grand Prix £479
Monday 12 October*  Open Pit Lane Grand Prix £419
Monday 16 November*  Open Pit Lane National £210
Sunday 13 December*  Open Pit Lane Grand Prix £299

To book any of these dates, please click the . For more information, please call 0344 3728 235 or email

* Please note these dates are being ran from the National Paddock. Whilst we do endeavour to run all of our track days from The Wing, when this is not available we will run from the National Paddock. Radicals and Sports Prototypes are not permitted on Silverstone car track days

Your Track Day

欧洲杯2020赛程Sign-on for all drivers and passengers starts at 7:00am. When the paperwork is done, you get your car sticker and wristband, then grab a coffee and some breakfast before attending the drivers’ briefing at 8:20am. Our instructors let you know what happens throughout the day, track rules and etiquette, and any other information you need. Then it’s time to get ready for the track.

If you’ve never been on a track before, you take a trip in our minibus for some sighting laps, with one of our instructors at the wheel. Once that’s complete, you can go out for some familiarisation laps behind a pace car. At 9:30am the circuit goes live.

Please note, Radicals and Sports Prototypes are not permitted on Silverstone car track days

Driver Requirements

  • Drivers must be at least 17 and have a full valid UK manual driving licence. Please bring it with you on the day.

Please note, Radicals and Sports Prototypes are not permitted on Silverstone car track days

Important: Customers are not permitted to run their own retail driving experiences for commercial gain during a Silverstone Track day

Pre-Bookable Extras

  • Extra driver £50
  • Passengers £10  aged 16 & over
  • Helmets £10 – helmet hire can be purchased on the day.
  • Garage hire £50 – exclusive use of one of our garages/bays.
  • Tuition (20mins) £55 per slot – need a little help? Book an expert Grade A ARDS instructor to come on the track with you (Call to book).

Call 0844 3728 235 for more information and to book tuition.




  • What happens if I need to cancel?

    欧洲杯2020赛程In the event of your cancellation, no refund will be given however a transfer to another day will be allowed provided that at least 14 days’ written notice is received. (e.g., if your track day is the 20th, notification must be received no later than 17.30hrs on the 5th).

    All transfers MUST be taken within 3 months of the original track day date.

    In the event of a cancellation less than 14 days before the event, NO refund or transfer will be given.

    欧洲杯2020赛程* This only applies on the Open Pit Lane Car Track Days. For the Track Taster day there are no refunds.

  • What do I need to wear?

    All drivers must wear helmets which comply with governing body technical /safety regulations. We ask that all arms and legs be covered therefore shorts and t-shirts are not permitted. We also advise that you wear sensible driving shoes or trainers. If you have your own helmet that complies with MSA/ACU regulations then you should bring it. If not, you can hire one of ours on the day for a small fee.

  • What do I need to bring with me?

    欧洲杯2020赛程It is essential that you bring, both parts of, your full driving licence with you, especially if your day is on a Sunday or bank holiday as we will be unable to verify it with the DVLA if you should forget it. If you do not have your licence, you will not be allowed on the track.

  • What time can I arrive at the venue?

    Access to the venue and paddock will be allowed from 07:15hrs on the Track Day date. If you arrive prior to this time, please park in the car park indicated on arrival at the circuit.

  • I’ve never driven on a track before, can I get some help?

    Novice drivers will be taken around the circuit in a mini bus for instructional laps with a Senior Silverstone Instructor. Additional in car tuition can be purchased in advance, or on the day should the driver wish to have more instruction.

  • What if I have an accident?

    欧洲杯2020赛程In the unlikely event that you have an accident whether small or large, there will be fully trained marshals and paramedics to help you as necessary. Similarly if somebody else has an accident marshals will alert you of any obstacles ahead. Please note that it is a condition of your participation in the Activity, that in the event of accident, loss or damage occurring during such Activity you will not pursue any claim for damages against any other participant (save in respect of injury or death).

  • Will I be insured?

    欧洲杯2020赛程It is unlikely that your normal road insurance covers you for track day driving, please check your insurance and make arrangements as necessary.

  • What if I'm slower/faster than other drivers?

    This is not a problem, as track days are non-competitive with controlled overtaking. Faster vehicles have the opportunity to overtake slower vehicles on the straights.

  • What does Open Pit Lane mean?

    欧洲杯2020赛程An open pit lane day means the circuit remains open throughout the day, excluding an hour lunch break. This allows drivers to go out on track as and when they please (provided the on track capacity has not been reached).

  • Am I allowed a Passenger?

    Yes, they must be over the age of 16 and sign an indemnity which will name the driver of the car they are a passenger in. Any passenger over 16 years but under 18 years will have to have their indemnity countersigned by their parent or guardian. All passengers must wear a helmet and sit in the front seat of the car only. This means that if you are having an instructor session you may not have a passenger. Instructors must be approved by ARDS and hold a minimum of a Grade B ARDS licence.

  • Can I bring additional drivers and spectators?

    欧洲杯2020赛程Yes. Additional drivers will need to be booked on at the time of your booking. Spectators are welcome to come along on the day. Instructors must be approved by ARDS and hold a minimum of a Grade B ARDS licence.

  • Can I bring my children?

    Due to the hazardous environment i.e. ‘live paddock’ children under the age of 16 are not allowed on site unless accompanied by an adult. This adult must supervise the child at ALL times. There is no exception.

    Children are not allowed to ride bicycles on site unless they are wearing a helmet and have direct adult supervision

  • What are the noise restrictions?

    The noise restrictions for the circuit is 102db on a drive by. This will be monitored at any point around the circuit and at any time during the day. On selected dates we will run to lower db levels. Please check before booking.

  • Do you sell fuel and if so which type?

    The Fuel Station supplies Gulf Super unleaded (97octane), Gulf Super 102 (102 octane), Gulf Track unleaded (99 octane) and Gulf diesel. Fuel can be purchased 24/7 via card payment.

  • Will garages be available on the day?

    Garages are available on a first come first served basis. If you require exclusive access to a garage then you can book a bay for £50.

  • Is there somewhere to buy food & drink

    欧洲杯2020赛程Yes, our Media Café will be open, selling snacks, meals and refreshments.

  • Can I use Slick Tyres?

    Only if the weather is dry. Slick tyres are not permitted in damp or wet conditions.

  • Are Radicals/Sports Prototypes allowed on a car track day?

    欧洲杯2020赛程Radicals and Sports Prototypes are not permitted on Silverstone car track days