Following the Government’s Coronavirus latest advice Silverstone has taken the decision to postpone up coming Testing Dates.

We are currently out of the office if you have an enquiry please contact  and we will respond to your email as soon as we can.

The following dates are now postponed:
Friday 20th March
Friday 27th March
Friday 29th March
Friday 30th March
Friday 31st March
Friday 3 April
Friday 16 April
Friday 17 April
Friday 22 April
Wednesday 6 May
Friday 15 May
Friday 22 May
Thursday 4 June
Friday 5 June
Friday 12 June
Friday 19 June 

As you’ll appreciate, with the fluidity of the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re not able to provide a rescheduled date at the moment, but don’t worry, your booking payment will be held and transferred to a new date. We’ll be back in touch as soon as we’re able to return to circuit activity and arrange a new date for you. 


Friday 7th August
6 x 30 minsClosed Wheel inc Sports PrototypesNationalDOWNLOAD£289BOOK NOW
6 x 30 minsOpen Wheel – Single SeaterNationalDOWNLOAD£289BOOK NOW
4 x 30 minsClosed Wheel inc Sports PrototypesInternationalDOWNLOAD£289BOOK NOW
4 x 30 minsOpen Wheel – Single SeaterInternationalDOWNLOAD£289BOOK NOW


Friday 14th August
4 x 30 minsClosed Wheel inc Sports PrototypesGrand PrixDOWNLOAD£359BOOK NOW
2 x 30 minsOpen Wheel – Single SeaterGrand PrixDOWNLOAD£189BOOK NOW
3 x 40 minsBritish F3 OnlyGrand PrixDOWNLOAD£399BOOK NOW


Friday 21st August
6 x 30 minsClosed Wheel inc Sports prototypesNationalDOWNLOAD£289BOOK NOW



Friday 11th September
4 x 30 minsClosed Wheel inc Sports prototypesNationalDOWNLOAD£289BOOK NOW
2 x 30 minsJunior Closed WheelNationalDOWNLOAD£110BOOK NOW



Friday 2nd October

Open Pit Lane

Closed Wheel inc Sports Prototypes- Open Pit LaneNationalDOWNLOAD£385BOOK NOW


Friday 9th October
5 x 30 minsClosed Wheel inc Sports PrototypesInternationalDOWNLOAD£269BOOK NOW
2 x 30 minsJunior TestInternationalDOWNLOAD£269BOOK NOW


Friday 16th October
6 x 30 minsClosed Wheel – Pre 1984 OnlyNational


6 x 30 minsOpen Wheel – Pre 1984 Historic Cars onlyNational




Friday 23rd October
Open Pit LaneClosed Wheel inc Sports Prototypes –Open Pit LaneGrand PrixDOWNLOAD£429BOOK NOW


Wednesday 28th October
Prior to Walter Hayes Trophy
Open Pit LaneOpen Wheel – Formula FordsNationalDOWNLOAD£459BOOK NOW

For more information, speak to the team on 0344 3728 235.


For information on regulations, noise limits and our terms please view our FAQs.

*Vehicle restrictions and charges apply.
欧洲杯2020赛程 The circuit reserves the right to: session any day, move any machine from one session to another or cancel any Test Day. We will endeavour to give as much notice as possible, but this cannot be guaranteed.

In *Open Wheel Sessions – Sports Prototypes may be included.

欧洲杯2020赛程Additional drivers & garages must be booked over the phone via: 0344 3728 235

欧洲杯2020赛程For information on regulations, noise limits and our terms please view our FAQs tab.

If you are filming on the day, please download and complete the following In-car Camera Indemnity Form.

Offer prices cannot be used in conjunction with any ongoing offers, promotions or discounts.

欧洲杯2020赛程Important Information: Please note that you agree to our Terms and Conditions when booking. Please read our cancellation Terms before booking.

Dates are provisional and are subject to change.


  • What are your payment terms?

    Payment is taken by credit card at the time of booking. In the event of a cancellation, a refund will only be given if more than 14 days’ written notice is received (e.g., if your test day is the 20th, notification must be received no later than 17.30hrs on the 5th).

    In the event of a cancellation less than 14 days before the test, NO refund or transfer will be issued.

    Please email for any cancellations.

    欧洲杯2020赛程Should your car breakdown on the day before or during the event day, unfortunately, no refund or transfer will be issued.

  • When will I receive my joining instructions?

    You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase at the time of booking.

    Joining instructions will then be emailed to you approximately 7 days prior to the test day and this will include garage allocation (if you have booked one), session times and further information.

  • I am 15 years old can I Test?
    All drivers participating in testing must be at least 16 years of age. (Where a championship allows under 16’s to compete, call SCL for more details.) Any drivers under 18 years must have their indemnity form signed by a guardian or a letter signed by the guardian confirming a team manager can act as a guardian must be supplied at sign on.
  • What are the noise restrictions?

    欧洲杯2020赛程Noise limits will be applied in accordance with our circuit regulations as follows:

    • National Circuit – 105dB on a static test and 102dB on a drive-by test.
    • Grand Prix Circuit – will be in compliance with MSA championship regulations relevant to the vehicle being tested, maximum limit 108dB static test and 105dB on a drive by test, if in doubt please call.

    欧洲杯2020赛程Please see Section (J) Common Regulations for Competitors : Vehicles – Appendix 1 Chart 5.18: Maximum Noise Limits

    欧洲杯2020赛程Drive by limits will be 3dB less than those levels stipulated in the ‘Blue Book’ Offending vehicles will not be allowed to continue testing.

    Should your vehicle fail the static or the drive by noise test and you are excluded from further participation, you will not receive a refund.

    欧洲杯2020赛程If you believe that your vehicle may exceed the above limits then please request a noise test prior to going out on circuit. For the avoidance of doubt measurements are taken at 0.5m at a 45 degree angle with engine running at ¾ maximum revs. There are 3 noise meters located around the circuit which will measure your drive-by noise limit. No racing engines may be run before 08:30hrs or after 17:30hrs.

  • Do you sell fuel and if so which type? Where can I refuel?

    欧洲杯2020赛程Fuel Station opening times (adjacent to the Heritage Pit and Paddock) are: 08:30 – 17:00. Race Days 8.00 – 17-00. The Fuel Station supplies Gulf Super unleaded (97octane), Gulf Super 102 (102 octane). Gulf diesel.

    欧洲杯2020赛程You must refuel in the garages and paddock but not in the pit lane.

  • Can I book a garage?

    Available on request at a cost of £65 Inc VAT. Please call 0344 3728 235 to enquire regarding garage availability.

  • Can I take photographs or film?

    You agree to use images and footage responsibly. Any images taken at the event should be strictly for personal use only and not used for any commercial purposes, including on board cameras. If such images include imagery of an accident you must make such images/footage available to Silverstone Circuits Limited and agree not to post such images/footage on social media sites including but not limited to YouTube and Facebook.